Small Mind Monkey Pendant

Small Mind Monkey Pendant


This is the original mind monkey pendant design.  This gives a petite pendant which can be used to help control your mind monkeys.

That’s what’s known as Mind Monkeys!

Examples of mind monkeys are:

you will never succeed in life/business
that’s offer isn’t for you, that’s for other people, the ones who deserve it!
you struggle to focus because you can’t get a minute to concentrate
don’t bother going for that job – you won’t get it so why try!
you will always fail so why bother trying

Sound familiar?

If you allow these little blighters to get a hold, they will control your life and if you believe you won’t succeed then guess what – YOU WON’T!

Psychologists recommend that you take ownership of your stress or your anxiety (your Mind Monkeys) but how?

That’s where my range of mind monkey jewellery comes in. As a sufferer of depression and anxiety for over 20 years I designed the pendant to help myself take control of my own issues.

How do they work?

Quite simply they give you a physical object to control the psychological problem.
You take control by telling the mind monkeys what to do
Take the monkey and shove his head inside the cage – thus reminding yourself you are
In charge.
You are in control of your own mind monkeys.
This simple physical action will allow your brain to take back control and stop the mind
monkeys in their tracks.
Some customers have also found that naming their monkey has helped them to focus.

For a limited time only I am offering these pendants at a special price of just £12. Don’t miss out they won’t be this cheap for long!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Comment below to order and I will send you a message to confirm your exact requirements.

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